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Orchid Festival in Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Do you love orchids? Visit the Spring Festival of Orchids and Bromelia in the Hungarian Agricultural Museum residing in the fairy tale like Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park of Budapest.

Orchid Exhibition Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle Cesar Cabrera

Orchid Festival Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle – Cesar Cabrera Photography

The April weekend will feature various orchids and bromelia flowers, as well as orchid workshops and advice on how to keep orchids healthy and thriving, how to replant orchids, how to prevent or treat orchid diseases and more.

The event is frequently organized by the Hungarian Orchid Society. The Orchid Festival in Budapest is a highlighted  Budapest festival, much liked by amateurs and professionals alike,  also organized in the autumn season, some time in mid November.

It was the Renaissance king of Hungary, King Matthias (whose name you can recall from the Matthias Church on the Buda Castle Hill) who had many orchid varieties in the beautiful, Renaissance garden of the Buda Castle Royal Palace in the 15th century.

The fantastic Italian Renaissance gardens made a deep impression on the enlightened king (whose wife Queen Beatrice was from Italy too). While the famous garden survived the attacks of the Ottoman Turks who finally occupied the Buda Castle in the 1541 siege, in 1686, when the Hungarians and Austrians took back the castle from the Turkish sultan, the garden, along with the medieval royal castle was completely destroyed.

In the 18th century Maria Theresa, the Austro Hungarian Empress, had the terraces of the then Baroque Buda Castle turned into a beautiful terrace garden overlooking the river Danube. Then later, in the 19th century the garden was opened to the public by Archduke Joseph, Palatine of Hungary. After the 1849 siege when the Austrians conquered the Hungarian revolution, Franz Joseph had the garden restored. The first greenhouses of the Buda Castle Garden (Budavari Kert, Varkerteszet) were founded in 1854. In the 1870s, the Buda Castle Garden Bazaar (Varkert Bazar) designed by Miklos Ybl (the architect of the Budapest Opera House) made a fascinating and harmonious connection between the Buda Castle and the River Danube Promenade with its Neo-Baroque garden design

Unfortunately, You will not have a chance to see the authentic Hungarian orchid Cattleya hybrids (Blc Budavar) as the glass houses of the Hungarian orchid growing were exploded in the 1944 WW2 bombings. We only know about the hybrid from the documents that survived. But you may see some distantly related local varieties.

The Buda Castle Garden is now waiting for its historical restoration. The gardens of the Royal Palace have special micro climates due to the thick walls and hilltop locations. One of the lesser known garden of the Buda Castle gardens is the New World Garden, which can be reached on foot from the Lion Court, via the closed gardens of the Budapest History Museum.

Budapest Easter Vajdahunyad Castle

As part of the upcoming Budapest Easter and Spring festival, Vajdahunyad Castle is celebrating Easter with its annual interactive Easter (Husvet) exhibition. Please note that the entrance fees to the Easter Exhibits may differ from the entrance fees of the permanent exhibitions in the Castle.

Dates of Easter at Vajdahunyad Castle

March  – April  Easter weekend – annually

Program of Easter Festival, Vajdahunyad Castle

Easter Egg Labyrinth Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Easter Egg Labyrinth Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Goodbye Winter, welcome Spring!
Learn about the history of Hungarian Easter festivities, Easter customs and traditions in the Hungarian Agricultral Museum in the Vajdahunyad Castle.

Hand painted and hand crafted Easter eggs from various regions of Hungary: take a look at these marvellous painted eggs, see how the tiny horseshoes are hammered on eggs, talk to Easter egg painters, and other Hungarian craftsmen (wicker basket makers, corn husk artisans, wood carvers, egg decorators, gingerbread masters, horse hair craftsman)

Easter in Symbols

The Christian symbols of Easter, the biggest celebration of Christianity. Special days, rituals, religious customs, and more.

Easter Folk Traditions

Hungarian folk traditions at Easter time, traditional Easter foods, songs, dances, images, and more.

Easter Crafts Fair

Buy special, handmade Easter crafts in Vajdahunyad Castle at the Easter Festival and Fair of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum.

Easter Egg Decoration

Vajdahunyad Castle Festival 2013

Vajdahunyad Castle Exhibits and Stall

Learn about the techniques, try your hand at waxing, painting eggs.

Past Dates of Easter Exhibition in Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest

The museum reserves the right to change cultural programs and exhibitions.

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Optical Illusions Exhibition Vajdahunyad Castle

Confusing the senses with optical illusions is so easy. See for yourself how our brain and eyes get tangled up in some complicated visual messages at the exhibition entitled Surprising Phenomena – Senses at the Vajdahunyad Castle housing the Hungarian Agricultural Museum.

Date of Exhibition: March – April, 2013

Optical Illusions Senses Exhibition Hungarian Agricultural Museum

Optical Illusions Senses Exhibition Hungarian Agricultural Museum