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Hungarian Handcraft Masterpieces

The best of traditional Hungarian handmade artifacts will be on display in Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park of Budapest. The temporary exhibition entitled Masterpieces of Hungarian Craft (Magyar Kezmuves Remek) will showcase some special beauties in applied arts with a heavy emphasis on Magyar cultural background.

Masterpieces of Hungarian Craft Vajdahunyad Castle

Masterpieces of Hungarian Craft Vajdahunyad Castle

Whatever you see on display is a “remek” a masterpiece, which has won a special prize from the jury of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. These are truly some of the best Magyar artifacts / handicrafts of local artists working with traditional techniques and materials, using traditional Hungarian folk art designs. The annual prize is handed out by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. Now you can take a look at the masterpieces

Traditionally, the winning pieces are exhibited in the annual temporary exhibition in  the  Vajdahunyad Castle. The castle is just a short walk from the Heroes square, in the City Park.

Opening times: Tue – Sun 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Mondays)

The exhibition is usually from May to June or July to August.

Photo gallery of previous prize winner handcrafts (pottery, woodwork, weaving, etc.)

Night of Museums Festival in Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

The festival of museums is one of the most popular summer festivals in Hungary. Each year on or around Midsummer’s Eve the museums in Budapest and all over in Hungary organize a special event called the Night of Museums. The Night of Museums in Vajdahunyad Castle is a lovely event. You are more than welcome!

Night of Museums Festival

Night of Museums in Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Night of Museums in Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

The dates are moving, following the combination of Midsummer’s Eve and Saturdays.

Date Night of Museums (Muzeumok Ejszakaja):

annual event, date set closest Saturday to Midsummer’s Eve June

The programs of the upcoming Night of Museum are  published a few weeks before the event.

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Festival of Folk Arts Budapest – August 20, Buda Castle Budapest

Belgian Beer Festival Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle

The annual Belgian Beer Festival will be in the fairy tale castle of Budapest, the Vajdahunyad Castle. The end of May event is a pleasant Budapest festival and a nice way to enjoy the spring /summer weather in the green City Park where Vajdahunyad Castle is located. The festival is an annual weekend event, at the end of May and in early June.

Budapest Belgian Beer Festival Vajdahunyad Castle

Budapest Belgian Beer Festival Vajdahunyad Castle

Needless to say, the event is best for those who love quality beers, and wish to taste some of the leading beer brands from Belgium, like Pink Killer, Kasteel, Bush, Barbar, Cuvee des Trolls, Delirium Tremens, and other beers.

The event is organized by the House of Belgian Beers in Budapest (Belga Sorok Haza) and the Pater Marcus Beer House / Pub / Restaurant.

Budapest Beer Festivals are growing in numbers, including the Craft Beer Festival (Fozdefeszt) or the Czech Beer Festival in Budapest.

Cuvee des Trolls Belgian Beer Budapest Festival

Cuvee des Trolls Belgian Beer Budapest Festival

St Martin’s Day Festival Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

St Martin’s Day is a lovely annual festival in Vajdahunyad Castle, an enjoyable event for adults and kids alike. St Martin’s Day (the day of Martin of Tours, in Hungarian Marton Nap) is a Goose & Wine themed cultural festival at Vajdahunyad Castle, the home of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum with many children activities. Budapest on St Martin’s Day (weekend in fact) usually offers many activities for visitors.

St Martin's Day Corn Cleaning Budapest

St Martin’s Day is officially on 11 November, and the festival takes place some time on or around Nov 11, depending on the weekend days (the festival is set for a Saturday or a Sunday to include children attending schools, and parents working on weekdays more easily)

The Hungarian Márton Day Events (St Martin’s Day) feature goose food tasting, trying new wines, enjoying folk dance shows and folk concerts, performances by professional groups or by children, etc. In the Castle of Vajdahunyad in Budapest there is also a nice little St Martin’s Day Artisan Fair where you can buy some nice souvenirs, handcrafts, home made produces, Hungarian new wines, etc.

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