Attractions Near Vajdahunyad Castle

As you can see Vajdahunyad Castle on the Budapest Tourist Map, there are several sights to see close to Vajdahunyad Var.

Vajdahunyad Castle in Fall Romantic Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle in Fall Budapest – Laura Lafond Photography

Nearby Budapest attractions, within walking distance to Vajdahunyad Castle include:

  • Hungarian Agricultural Museum with permanent and temporary exhibits in the Vajdahunyad Castle itself
  • Statue of the Medieval Hungarian Chronicler, the hooded Anonymous (aka Anonymus): touch his pen to become a talented writer to share your stories
    City Park Budapest Attractions

    City Park Budapest Attractions – TopBudapestOrg Photography

    Szechenyi Bath City Park Budapest

    Szechenyi Bath – Graeme Churchard Photography

    Statue of Anonymous Varosliget Budapest

    Statue of Anonymous Varosliget Budapest – Kieran Lynam Photography

  • Statue of Count Sandor Karolyi, modernized Hungarian Agriculture as the leader of the Magyar cooperative movement
  • Boating Lake / Open Air Ice Skating Rink Budapest, with its Neo Baroque Palace (aka the Mujegpalya Pavilion in Budapest, which is just opposite the Vajdahunyad Castle): boating lake in spring, summer and fall, outdoor ice rink in winter
  • Museum of Transport in Budapest with old trains, boats, models, etc. showing the history of transportation in the world and in Hungary (railways, aviation, sea travels, etc.)
  • Szechenyi Bath Budapest, the biggest thermal bath with 18 public pools, massage treatments, saunas, bath parties, steam rooms, beauty salon, etc.
  • Hall of Arts / Kunsthalle Budapest (Mucsarnok) featuring contemporary art exhibitions
  • Museum of Fine Arts: classic fine art exhibitions of world famous artists are on display (closed until 2018 for reconstruction works)
  • Budapest Zoo: loved for its lovely atmosphere and its fascinating Art Nouveau buildings (one of the Art Nouveau Budapest gems)
  • Budapest Circus: the permanent building of the old school Budapest Circus with acrobats, tamers, clowns, magicians, etc.
  • Historical Monument of the 1956 Revolution commemorating the events of October 23 1956, the revolt against the Soviet dictatorship.

10 thoughts on “Attractions Near Vajdahunyad Castle

  1. michail sfyrakis

    we will visit the castle next week
    could you inform me if lake boating is taking place now cause i heard lake is emty of water.
    thanks in advance looking forward to see budapest one more time

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Dear Michail, indeed, the boating lake is not filled with water in 2015 as the cooling system of the artificial ice rink (which is the winter “version” of the summer lake) needs to be modernised. During the months of the modernisation the lake won’t be filled with water near the Castle. The lake is connected to another lake just next to it, which is always filled with water (actually the thermal water of the nearby Szechenyi Spa Baths) but it is only good for feeding ducks, not for rowing a boat.
      From 2016, if all goes well, the summer lake will be restored and the artificial ice rink (Mujegpalya) will be open in the winter season thanks to the new and hightech cooling system. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Emanuel Tanti

    Hi all ,

    I am coming to Budapest with my family from the 10th till 18th February 2017 .
    Is there going to be some Events happening ( like Carnival day or something ) ?

    Thanks and Regards
    Emanuel Tanti
    Maltese island

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Dear Emanuel,
      thank you for contacting us.
      Unfortunately the carnival days will be a bit later in 2017, on the 25th and 26th of February. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. Annabel Fraser


    I will be visiting the castle in November 2019. How do i book tickets before hand, or do i not need to?


  4. Annabel Fraser


    I will be visiting the castle in November 2019. How do i book tickets before hand, or do i not need to?
    Also will the lake be open at that time of year?


    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Hello Annabel,
      the lake can be visited all year round. In late November it will be turned into an ice-skating ring.

  5. Nauris


    If we would like to organize an archery event near the castle in 2019. who should we contact regarding this matter?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Hello Nauris,
      It depends on the exact location of course, but first I would recommend you to contact the Municipality of the 14th District at: hivatal [at]


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