Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle is one of the romantic castles in Budapest, Hungary, located in the City Park by the boating lake / skating rink. The castle, despite all appearances, was built in 1896, and is in fact a fantasy pastiche showcasing the architectural evolution through centuries and styles in Hungary. The castle is the home of several festivals, concerts and the exhibitions of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum.

Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest City Park – A J Alcaide Photography

Vajdahunyad Castle amalgamates some of the finest buildings in the historical Hungary into a single eclectic palace featuring styles from the Middle Ages to the 18th century: Romanesque, Gothic Renaissance, Baroque buildings, from the Romanesque church of the village Jak to the Baroque palace of Prince Paul Esterhazy I.

Vajdahunyad Castle Snowy Winter Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle Winter Budapest – Leon de Nemea Photography

35 thoughts on “Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

  1. Joanna Andrews

    I am Editor in chief of a dubai based magazine which is featuring the top 10 sites in Budapest to visit. can you supply me with a couple of high resolutions images please of the Vajdahunyad Castle that I can include in the feature. My email is (the group that recently purchase Le Meridien Budapest.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Hello Joanna, I hope you have received the photos. Thank you for including Vajdahunyad Castle in the top ten sites in Budapest.

    2. ladislaus hunyadi

      I am planning on visiting next year and would like more information. How can I have some sent to me.

  2. Kseniia Novikova

    Hello! I’m a journalist at Ukrainian TV channel 5. We’d like to shoot a news program in or around the Castle. Is it possible? Do we need to fill in some papers?
    Many thanks!
    Sincerely Yours,
    Kseniia Novikova

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Dear Ms Kseniia Novikova, thank you for choosing Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest as your scene. Would you be so kind and contact the following email address of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum (MMGM for short in Hungarian) in order to make arrangements for the video inside the Vajdahunyad Castle: or the deputy manager at The museum reserves the right to provide permits for shooting films inside the building.

  3. Linda Barrington

    I am writing a travel feature on Prague and Budapest. The first night in Budapest the tour I was on went to Vajdahunyad Castle, for a concert followed by an illuminated tour. The guide said we were going to Dracula’s Castle (which sounds like a good impact for the feature). It is OK to call it Dracula’s Castle?

    Here is the paragraph I was going to write. But I am not sure now!

    It began with a visit to the City Park and ‘Dracula’s Castle’! Vajdahunyad Castle, a replica of a Transylvanian castle of that name, was built as a temporary structure for the city’s 1896 Millennial Expo, part of a complex of buildings showcasing the major architectural periods of Hungary. The castle proved so popular it was replaced by a permanent structure.

    Any advice you can give me would be welcome. I will be sending the feature to be subbed during the first week of November. So a quick response would be gratefully received

  4. Csoportos jegy

    Érdeklődni szeretnék, hogy egy 26+2 fős csoportnak hány Ft-ba kerülne egy várlátogatás?
    Válaszát előre is köszönöm! Szép estét!

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Üdvözöljük a honlapon! A kastély csoportos látogatásánál a felnőtt és diák ill nyugdíjas jegyárak veendők figyelembe. Amennyiben rugalmasabban tudják szervezni a Vajdahunyad várba tett látogatást az alábbi díjmentes opciót javasoljuk: díjtalan a belépés a Magyar Mezőgazdasági múzeum állandó és saját szervezésű időszaki kiállításaira minden hónap egyik hétvégére eső napján az EGT állampolgárai részére (pl. 26 év alatti látogatók esetén), melyet a múzeum határoz meg, és teszi közzé a honlap Nyitva tartás, jegyárak menüpontjának legelején, beleértve az ingyenes látogatás érintett körét is

  5. Strupka Orsolya


    Szeretnénk április elején jegyesfotózást tartani és az iránt érdeklődnék, hogy ezt megtehetjük-e a várban, illetve, hogy mely részei elérhetőek és az anyagi vonzatát is .

    Válaszát előre is köszönjük!

    Strupka Orsolya és Despotov Svetozar

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Kedves Orsolya!
      Igen, a Vajdahunyad várban szoktak esküvői fotózást tartani.
      A Vajdahunyad vár a Magyar Mezőgazdasági Múzeumnak ad otthont, így az esküvői fotózás is a múzeum határkörébe tartozik. Az esküvői fotózáshoz ill. videofilm forgatáshoz 10,000 Ft-ért váltható külön jegy a múzeum jegypénztárában.

      További részletekért, egyedi árajánlat készítéséhez, kérjük, kérésével forduljon a Magyar Mezőgazdasági múzeum alábbi munkatársához:

      Király Erzsébet – kulturális rendezvényszervező
      Tel.: 06 1/363-2698 /116

      Ha esetleg szívesen megosztanák a nagyközönséggel valamelyik esküvői fotójukat, szeretettel várjuk publikálásra az alábbi email címen

  6. Jena Balogh

    I am visiting Budapest at the end of July. I would love to spend the night in a beautiful Castle.Is this one a hotel as well. If not can you recommend a Castle hotel with a beautiful location?
    Thank You so much,

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Dear Jena, unfortunately the castle has no accommodation for guests, neither does the Buda Castle on the Buda side of Budapest:
      There are castle hotels in Hungary, but not in Budapest:

      Another castle which is worth a visit and not far from Budapest is the beautiful castle in Godollo town:

  7. Christina

    My husband and I will be visiting Budapest next week and are interested in attending one of the Summer Festival music concerts. I’ve found the online ticket purchasing site but am experiencing issues making the purchase through the site and was wondering if tickets are also available for purchase in-person at Vajdahunyad Castle?


  8. Marietta

    Érdeklődnék, hogy gyermekeknek hány éves kortól szükséges belépő, valamint hogy a Vajdahunyad várra is érvényes-e, hogy nemzeti ünnepeken ingyen látogatható?

    1. Vajdahunyad Castle Post author

      Kedves Marietta, igen, az EU állampolgárai számára az alábbi ünnepnapokon ingyenes a vár látogatás

      díjtalan a belépés valamennyi EU látogató részére állami és nemzeti ünnepnapokon aza március 15., augusztus 20., október 23.

      továbbá a Vajdahunyad vár bizonyos napokon ingyenesen látogatható. Ezt a Mezőgazdasági Múzeum határozza meg az alábbiak szerint
      2015 őszén
      Október 11. vasárnap
      November 22. vasárnap
      December 12. szombat

  9. Jose Ramirez

    I´m the CEO of DINKtravelers and on march of next year we will publish an articles about the Verosliget Park and the Castle of Vajdahunyad. Can you supply us with some pictures of the castle and the statue. Will be great if you can include pictures with the lake during summer and winter and also of the stairs and the beautiful lamps that you have inside. My email is

  10. Santiago Royuela


    We are a school group from Geneva (23 students and 3 teachers) and we would like to visit the Vajdahunyad Castle on the friday 18th of march 2016, morning time. Can you make us an offer ? We would like to book a guided tour in french, if possible.

    Thank you.

    Santiago Royuela

    Santiago Royuela

  11. Elene Standridge

    I’ve been looking using the net over a few hrs these days, but certainly not unearthed any existing attention-grabbing short article such as the one you have. It’s charming worth ample in my opinion. In my opinion, if pretty much all website owners and bloggers designed excellent material resources you did, the web might be a lot more valuable than everbefore.I may book mark this blog !! Will go through once again !! Thanks to your helpful ideas.

  12. ferry

    I have plan to doing prewedding photoshoot at Vajdahunyad Castle on 15 or 16 May 2016 [morning before 10.00AM]. is it availble for photoshoot?
    Could i get the permission letter or any T&C I need to know?

  13. Loreta

    Hello! Is it possible to pay for tickets to the castle by any bank card? What would be the address for navigation? Is it possible to have a free parking close to the castle?

  14. therese Halpin

    I will be in Budapest for New Years from Australia and I believe you have events at the castle. Can you send me some information on this, I believe it goes for 3 days.

    Kindest Regards,

    Therese Halpin

  15. Naomi Edwards


    I am organising a tour for the University of Exeter Chamber Orchestra from 9-14th April 2017. I am emailing to ask if it would be possible to organise a free concert in the castle for visitors and others to listen to as they come to the castle?

    We play a range of music, and are a small group of 25 violin, viola and cello players. I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for us to visit the castle, learn about Hungarian history and share our music with you!

    I look forward to your response,

    Naomi Edwards
    Tour Manager
    Exeter University Chamber Orchestra

  16. Jerry Leon


    I’m Jerry Leon, Business Partnerships Associate of Jetset Times – an online travel magazine ( I just wanted to let you know that Vajdahunyad Castle was featured on our website, because as big advocates of travel we’re very excited about the amazing castle! (


  17. Aileen Saunders

    Good Afternoon

    I am part of a group of 12 ladies traveling to Budapest from Scotland on 29th April – 1st May. This is a surprise celebratory trip for my dear friend who is getting married. We are spending Sunday 30th April in the city park and exploring the Vajdahunyad Castle before relaxing in the Szechenyi Spa.

    My friend is very interested in yoga so we have organised for a yoga class to take place in the park for us in the morning of Sunday 30th. A very nice instructor that lives in Budapest is taking the class. I am writing to ask if there is a room in the castle or a sheltered area that we can use in case it happens to be raining on that day?

    It seems unlikely to be raining at the end of April but I wanted to have a ‘back up plan’ just to be safe. We would only need the space for one hour and we are a very calm and mature group, and would be very respectful of our surroundings. Please let me know if there is anywhere available.

  18. Curious Cat

    Someone told me a long time ago that the main castle was actually an original one from Transylvania that was moved to Budapest and rebuilt brick by brick… is this true or just an urban legend?

  19. Olga

    Good day dear sirs!

    Looking forward to visit Budapest and ur wonderful castle on the 31t of October
    And we would like to know about Halloween festival events if some will be held in the Castle.

    Will be greatfull for the answer

    With best regards

  20. David Yawn


    I am a researcher and collector of European orders of decoration and enameled medals. I have heard that there is a very fine collection showcased there. Are there pictures online I can see and study and enjoy remotely from here in the USA? Christmas blessings.

    David Yawn

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